How to run JARVIS AI Bot


The startup guide below will help you to get started with Cloud Token Wallet

  • Download the app from Apple or Google Play store

Direct Download Android APK

  • You will be asked enter your invite code. Please feel free to use mine: 5491130161


  • In the next steps you will be asked to setup Password which will include special words and digits that you will be using to gain access to your account
  •  Now you will be displayed your 16 digit login and your password. I recommend to take a screenshot and to write these words down for safekeeping. Note this 16 digit number will also be your Mastercard number when the feature rolls out in August, 2019


  • You will now be directed to the landing screen of Cloud Token 


  • To fund your wallet just tap on the Cryptocurrency that you wish to deposit 


  • Activate Google Authenticator 2FA to secure your account. You will need an app like Authy to help you easily setup 2FA on your accounts (can be more than one! ie Facebook, Google)
  •  At this point you will need to copy the authenticator code and send it to yourself. The best way I recommend is to Email yourself via whichever mail app you use (Gmail, Protonmail etc.)


This is where you will need an authentication app like Authy that I mentioned earlier. Copy and paste the authentication code from your email into this app. Notice the 6 Digit number that shows up, this will be the secure number you will need to do important changes inside your account. Copy this number to complete the last step in securing the 2FA authentication within the Cloud Token app.

  • Copy those 6 Digits as you see it into the Cloud Token App and you will have successfully setup 2FA! Good job!!
  • Goto the Projects section to start the JARVIS AI bot. Enter the amount you wish to have JARVIS participate with and click proceed. Congratulations, You are now successfully set up to earn! JARVIS will start trading automatically and earn you CTO tokens daily. Check back tomorrow to see your new earnings. 


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