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What is CloudToken?



CloudToken is a feature-rich mobile application installed on your phone (Android or IOS). The basic function of this application is a digital multi-wallet where we are able to store various cryptocurrencies all in one place. The wallet is also connected to a trading bot (Jarvis). This bot allows us to generate income of around 10% per month (with daily accruals).
By allocating our funds under the bot management we can generate passive income in the form of an internal CTO token. By HODLing this token we can expect additional income, because a stable increase of CTO price is expected. We can then exchange this token to ETH by using internal exchange. Basing our experience we predict and we are convinced of the future dynamic growth of CTO price. Similar projects like PlusToken or SCFToken also have followed and are still following this path.


State of the Art AI Technology
This 4.0 Generation Blockchain Technology Project Includes State of the Art AI Powered High Frequency Trading Technology run by TENSORFLOW Engine Used by Companies Like Walmart, Google, and Coca-Cola
25 Years of Successful Development,
Cloud Token was founded by WSBA, Singapore’s fourth generation blockchain technology team. The CEO is Ronald Aai, serial entrepreneur for the last 25 years. He successfully built several internet businesses in his early career and has been developing new technologies for social media, payment, mobile wallets, mobile phones, telecom systems, IOT solutions and blockchain technology.

Cloud Token Blockchain Project Key Points

  • Start profit sharing from day 1 on your deposit balance (8-12% per month)*
  • Profits are distributed from the software on a daily basis
  • Withdrawals and token conversion to ETH anytime 24/7
  • Earn CTO by holding BTC, ETH, LTC, BCH, TUSD, USDT, DOGE and many more to Come
  • No membership fees, no contracts
  • Funds are liquid at all times
  • Credibility: Cloud Token App is listed in the Apple and Google store!
  • Real people, Real technology, Real business plan
  • All commissions and returns are paid out in Cloud Tokens
  • The token value has potential to grow from $0.30 to $30 in the next 12 months*
  • Lucrative rewards program with 21+ levels deep! View COMPENSATION PLAN*
  • Debit Card available for qualified accounts in August, 2019
  • Available worldwide!


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